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We take our stakeholders seriously and for any valid grievances we will respond privately and confidentially according to our grievance mechanism.

  • Each complaint is recorded, assessed and the appropriately responded if applicable.
  • Involved parties are informed about the nature of the complaint and communication is appropriate and timely.
  • All complaints are kept private and confidential.

As such, ABBPE will work with relevant parties to address the cause of any valid complaints and inform the complainant of any such actions taken.

If your grievance relates to ABB Fund’s and/or its portfolio investment companies’ Environmental & Social performance, please provide the following additional information:

  1. Name of the portfolio company to which the concern relates;
  2. Description of the concern and any supporting documentation;
  3. Date of the incident or action giving rise to the complaint (if applicable);
  4. Specific remedy sought (if applicable); and
  5. Any other appropriate information.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.